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Culturally Yours (New Delhi)

Namaste to our readers, viewers, shoppers and fashionable BuzzBees'

At Buzzaria we are happy to present you a day of the month where we invite you to the store.. to come, join us and be happy to be in India !!!

Presenting, "CULTURALLY YOURS" !! ♥ ♥ ♥
on 15th May (Sunday) 4.00 PM to 6.00 PM
Venue Buzzaria (Lado Sarai)

We are known by our history of Textile, Art & Culture and it gives us immense pleasure to call each one of you to a journey of the various forms of textile and art of our heritage in our store at Lado Sarai.

This conversation will be headed by Mamta G Mamta, the vision and soul behind Buzzaria, A store with many forms of Textile & Art tales!!

And by Pooja Mittal Malhotra, a woman who is better known as the Traveller guiding women experience culture of different places.

Both have one thing in common - Their mission to make you see through the less known and have a wonderful experience of what truly joins our Textile, Art , Culture & Travel of the nation!!

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