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Driver and serviced apartment advice (New Delhi)

Hi everyone,
will be moving to New Delhi for a couple of months and need to find a driver (with car) and serviced apartment.

I have had a look over past advice on apartments, but would be great if anyone could give me a guide on budget for a two bedder in Central/ South New Delhi. Also, whats the form in terms of haggling, how much of a discount should I look for?!

In terms of a driver, looking for a nice guy with a decent car (a/c, not going to break down, but does not have to be a Rolls Royce). How much should I be paying for this and where can I find someone?

Any tips or advice much appreciated, also, if anyone one wants to meet for a drink etc let me know, I am a Delhi virgin as you can tell by the above!
Cheers, Oli

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