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Elections: My dilemma (New Delhi)

The chosen ones amongst the lakhs of candidates contesting the on-going parliamentary elections will shape the future of India. And we the voters have a huge responsibility to send the right people to represent us in the parliament. Like probably crores of voters across the country I am in a dilemma as to whom to vote for. Candidate fielded in Delhi by the main political parties reflect overall on the Indian electoral scenario. Contrary to a candidate in a remote constituency in Bihar or Chhattisgarh I would like a candidate fielded in Delhi to be educated and sophisticated and someone who wants to take the nation forward. Irrespective of their political credentials I would not mind candidates like V.K. Malhotra, Kapil Sibal and Nafisa Ali. But I would definitely not like the likes of Pappu Yadav and Ram Vilas Paswan to represent Delhi. Living in Saket I have a choice between Ramesh Biduri and Ramesh Kumar. I am indeed spoilt for choice.

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