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!!!! Happy New Year !!!! (New Delhi)

New Year is a reminder to Celebrate all the things that are Good in your World, The People you Love, and The Places You are part of, The Memories you Hold ON To, and Those Unforgettable Moments when you Close your Eyes and Breathe in Life with a Smile.

May your Heart be Filled with Lots of Reasons to Celebrate at the New Year and Always?

Each Moment in a Day has its own VALUE:
Morning brings HOPE
Afternoon brings FAITH
Evening brings LOVE
Night brings REST

Smile at the Past with Pride & Grace. Live each day with Joy and Verve. Look at every Tomorrow with Hope & Faith. This Year may all Your Efforts be Rewarded and all Your Dreams come True.

New Year is the time to unfold New Horizons & Realize New Dreams, To Rediscover the Strength & Faith within YOU, To Rejoice in Simple Pleasures and Gear UP for New Challenges.

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