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hi! coming to India on the 30th March (New Delhi)

Hi everyone!

I've just joined international and was wondering if anyone can advise on a good place to stay. I have looked around for places in GK, Connaught Place and Noida. I am planning to work in Noida for 8 weeks as part of a business assignment. I have looked for Hotels / Apartments in Noise but want to make the most of the City life. Any thoughts?

I also want to visit a few places over my weekends...I.e Jaipur, Udaipur, Himalayas, Kerala, Amritsat and Chandigarh to name a few. My ticket is for 3 months so depending on work I will have time to do the travelling later Or during my weekends.

If anyone is interested in doing some travelling please keep me posted.

Ok that's lots of info for now.

I'll be back online soon :-)

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