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Hi! Thinking of a move to Delhi (New Delhi)

Hello all,

Firstly I want to say Hi to you all, as this is my first post here. We are currently expats in Shanghai and potentially our next move is to New Delhi. We have of course like many expats lots of questions, but I hope I can nail some down with the help of fellow expats on this website.

Situation will be that I will work in Gurgaon and the plan is to send the kids (5 years old and 3 years old) to the American Embassy School or British International School. Can some people help to answer the below questions.
My wife is a Podiatrist here in Shanghai with her own practise, and she will close it to move to Delhi with us.

1) Any advices on the differences between the American Embassy School and the British School?
2) Should we live in Gurgaon or in South Delhi?
3) Is a Podiatrist easily available or a well known profession in New Delhi/India?
4) Can someone help with the cost of living the main cost I have identified are:

Groceries (both import and local foods)
Electricity (maybe for a house or apartment with Protected content Protected content ft)
Mobile Phones
Maid (hoping for a full time nanny as well as chef and cleaner)
Petrol (approx. for a family of four per month), general daily commute
Driver (full time)

I am not so concerned about the cost of schools, housing, insurances as this will be paid in full by my company.

I look forward to your help.... :)

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