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Holi Cow Festival (New Delhi)

Holi Cow Festival is a free event where people in Delhi celebrate Holi with live musicians, dance, colors, drinks and food.... The atmosphere is MIND BLASTING ;)

Protected content to enter.. if you come early it will cost Protected content .... drinks and food and bhang sold inside.. try and bring your own stuff if you want.. i will for sure ;)


I will be reaching there by 11 am and will not be carrying my phone with me so if you have any questions call me before that or even the day before....

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FYI for people who are not familiar with Holi in Delhi, it is utter madness.. people throw colored powdered on you, water colors, water ballons, paint ball guns (yes! paint ball guns) and even MUD and BEER... it is truly quite crazzy in Delhi and even total strangers will come up to you and rub colors on you sometimes...
people will be completely covered with color and paint from head to toe and sometimes wont be recognizeable...

however you do not have to be stressed or pressured into playing holi in this manner... if you do not wish to play the crazy way, kindly tell people you do not want to become wet or batterred with colors... maybe only the powder colors are more for your liking.. otherwise goo all out
but if u do go all out make sure you keep you phone and camera safe because they can get damaged very easily

clothes that you probably dont want to wear ever again :)

MY NUMBER IS Protected content again after 11 am on the day of the event.... i will not answer my phone,, even if it is with me


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