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"Honk" to honking rule in Delhi (New Delhi)

A conducted survey by Delhi Traffic Police reveal that normally sound level on roads should not exceed more than 60 decibels, but in Delhi, it is 80 decibels and heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses increments it to Protected content .
the reason behind "honking" is to alert the driver beforehand that signal light turns to green, so time to move on. When driver drives vehicle into market place, such as kamla nagar, to avoid and push the public far away, honking is the only way to get the way...
I don't think that the "implementation of rule" does exist in Delhi. Ban on honking turns to action with New year's eve Protected content , but till today my ears get easily irritated.... with honking of vehicles..
I would like to plea to all my friends and other members of Internation, to avoid as much as possible, honking without reason.
A pause for a cause.
Anurag Sharma

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