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MARTIAL ARTS ! - Self-defense, sparing, weapons (New Delhi)

This is a message to all martial artists in town.

For more than a year I have tried to link up with some martial arts club in Delhi, until now without great success. I am myself a blackbelt in Judo, modern ATK self-defense and since long involved in Jiu Jitsu, kick boxing, stick fighting (Bo-Jutsu, Escrima) and related disciplines.

I would like to get some people together for some common work-out, preferably martial artists with some prior experience. I thought we could meet, have some light contact sparing, some pad training, self-defense techniques and some work out with sticks. Me personally, I am not interested in forms and kata or too traditional kinds of training. I would be ready to teach or coordinate, since I have taught for many years. Depending on the level of the group we can also have a rotating system …

As to the venue, I know someone who has a nice dojo in Safdarjung Enclave including tatamis (mats on the floor). I’m sure we could go there sometimes. Otherwise, there are great parks in Delhi. I suggest Deer Park.

BTW, if you need an encouragement: Ghee has to be worked out of the body, it doesn’t leave on its own ;-)

Many greetings to all of you and hear from you soon!

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