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Moving to Delhi. Looking to flatshare with expats (New Delhi)


Hello all.

I will be moving to Delhi near the end of this month for around 6 months
I have been around a fair few countries in the World but I'm sure Delhi is going to be a completely new culture change and a lovely but extreme difference in lifestyle.
At the moment I'm looking for as much advice and help as possible.
I know that the Metro is a fairly good mode of transport.

Is there any site I can find to not just look for a flat but actually flat share with other expats from around the world in Delhi together. I'll be doing an internship that is closest to Sultanpur metro stop. Where would be the best locations to stay?

Also if anyone has had any experiences is expat communities to meet and make friends.
I'm also very much into photography and the arts, and would love to learn about the rich religious beliefs to open my mind and discover as much as Delhi has to offer.

This may also sound like a predictable question but with shopping, as in groceries, and also clothes etc. What are we expected to pay for certain things, and where best to find it all?
I know from a great deal of experience the minute you are spotted as a foreigner, you are immediately subject to extortionately inflated prices for things.

Thank you all and have a great day. :)


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