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When someone asked me: What is Photography for you? I could not answer.
The only valid explanation I cud give to myself and later to him was: Its a freeze of time which cud never cum bak. Its a moment in time which will become a Memory later.
Hi! I'm Mamta Dahiya, a avid learner keen on learning more from everyone because everyone has something to share.
So if you want to make or share your Memories with me. Talk to me....
I am 'Nadir' Professional photographer, who has been in the profession of photography since last many years. I would like to share some of the knowledge I have gained during last few years and to create a common platform where a photographer can share his views and get his questions answered about professional photography.

We are very happy now to be able to offer any of the below services to any interested party......mainly if anyone wishes to get there portfolio made

Travel photography
Advertising photography,
Fashion photography,
Wedding Documentary
Landscape photography,
Portraits, Wildlife photography,
Product photography,
Interior photography,
Industrial Photography.
Portfolio Photography,

Do let us know ... if you need anything.... We'll be happy to help...
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