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Vet and boarding facility warning. Please read! (New Delhi)

Dear All,

I am writing to warn all fellow pet lovers about our experience with Dr. S. Kumar at Saket Pet Clinic and Sonia Kochhar from the boarding Facility Canine Elite.

We have been taking in stray puppies and finding them homes for the past 6 plus months, and recently had to put down one of our 6 month old puppies (Zahara) because of a botched spaying surgery done at the Saket Pet clinic. This vet clinic was recommended to us by Canine Elite's Sonya Kochhar. Zahara was being boarded there while she was waiting for her new owners to pick her up after their vacation. Since the owners wanted her to be spayed, Sonya recommended Dr S. Kumar of Saket Pet Clinic. After the surgery was completed, Zahara slowly started getting sick. We decided to take her out of the boarding facility and to a different vet at CGS Hospital where the doctors were shocked to discover how terribly the surgery has been executed. They said that they had never before seen such a mess made of such a common surgery and that there was no way to fix the damage in order to give our puppy a chance at any sort of recovery. They even recommended reporting this vet for malpractice, which I am still considering after seeing the reports and pictures myself. After we made the difficult decision to put Zahara down, I called Sonia at Canine Elite to find out more information on the vet and why they had recommended him. I was shocked when I was met with yelling, swearing and threats. Her attitude was extremely uncalled for and malicious, and although I believe Canine Elite is a good boarding facility overall, I cannot recommend it to others because of this one persons treatment of us but most of all, because of her vet recommendation. Sonia was very defensive of this vet and I worry that she will continue to use and recommend him to other pet owners, which is why I am keen to let others hear our experience so that we can avoid this happening again.

If anyone is looking for a vet please do not take your pet to Saket Pet clinic and if you are boarding your pet a Canine Elite, please be wary of Sonia Kochhar. I can however, highly recommend Dr. Vikas at CGS Vet Hospital. In addition to having very qualified vets, CGS also provides a care unit for injured and sick street dogs and will give discounts for rescues.

If anyone has any other information about the Saket Pet Clinic or knows how to report vets for malpractice, please contact me.

- Kendra

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