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What about this Delhi group (New Delhi)


I am a new member and we arrived last January in New Delhi. Connecting to Internations could a nice place to find new Expat contacts or help each other. But what I see is there are so many Indian people in this Delhi group that I am wondering or they are just there to help or to score some business. It's ok to do business or to offer help but my idea about Internations is that it is a expat place where expats can help each other and advice to contact Indian specialist or suppliers and not directly being contacted by Indian people which clearly are here only to get business or contact with an expat. I have now several contact request from not expat people and really wondering or I am in the right place. Also looking at activities it looks it is India companies based and not coming from a group of enthusiastic Expats with good Indian contacts. Am I missing something because I am new, if not, then Internations is not the place for me to get in contact with Expats living in New Delhi

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