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What are the new features to be incorporated to im (New Delhi)

Hi All,

Let us all take an opportunity to share ideas and views about how we can make InterNations a successful networking portal.

Is InterNations providing all of the features you love to see on a social networking site?

When you Log-in what features you would like to see first?

Is InterNations supposed to be competitive enough with the other networking sites we are familiar with?

How do you rate InterNations as per the current features list.

How interactive it is to address your day-to-day activities?

Do you like to see some good articles or blogs to be published every day by writers?

Can InterNations become a good platform to advertise one's business objective, how?

Please leave your comments which will help the Management of InterNations to evaluate its current features for making better services to its members.

Best Regards

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