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What Does Compel Them To Do Such Things? (New Delhi)

What Compels Them To Do So?

Last night, I got a call from an unknown number. He said: Mr. Javed! Congratulations! You are so lucky that you have got Protected content USD. I said: “Well, so what should I do”? He replayed: “I will call you in the morning”.
This morning, (26/12/ Protected content called me again and told that I have got this reward from a site. I am not sure which site he exactly mentioned, but I could hear that it was Protected content
Then he asked me my bank account details and a passport size photo, so he can transfer the money immediately to my account. I said: “Thanks for this information, but tell me why this site is going to reward me”? He answered: “Do not worry. You are just a lucky man who has been selected for this exclusive reward”. You must be so exited. I said: “Okay… but…Can you please meet me in person, so we both can enjoy this reward and do something great together”? He seemed to be very exited, but told me that he is having around 40,000 USD at the moment and has no Indian currency to spend. I said it is quite easy to exchange money in INR as you are in Gurgavan and there must be many money exchangers. You can come to my place easily by Metro and then an auto rickshaw will bring you to my place. He said: Sounds good… and suddenly disconnect the call.
After five minutes, he sends a message to me: “I will be very grateful to you if you deposit only Rs. 3,000 INR into this account…(the account detail in not available here). After a few minutes another message comes: “Thanks a lot. Please do not disappoint me. I need this amount very urgently. It could save my life if you do this favour [for] to me. Also God will bless you more. Thanks …Another short SMS comes: “Will you assist me? Please just reply me via msg. I depend solely on you”.
I called him and said: Dear brother I am coming to you with a friend of mine who is in Delhi police. You have called a right person at the right time. I will just call on Protected content he will be joining me very soon. Please tell me where you are staying right now?
This call and threat changed the whole scenario and he was frightened. He did not tell me where he is. But he now begs pardon and apologizes in his own words…
“Please wait…”
“Thanks so much I am so sorry…”
“Do not get me into any trouble please. I am so broke now that I have not even eaten since morning. And I am hungry. I do not have even money to go back to Africa”.
“I have pains now in my stomach because no food. That was why I asked you for the 3,000 so I would not starve to death. But please I beg you do not report to Delhi police. Thanks”.
“Do not be offended ok. I am apologetic. Have a good life and enjoy the rest of your day”.
The question arises: What does compel them to do so, and why are they so free to make people fool easily. No doubt people are so gentle and well aware nowadays, but still there are some who can be trapped in such tricks. Who are the responsible for that? I shared this with a number of my friends and approximately everyone is getting such messages every day. We must be aware and spread the words as much as we can.

Ahsan Javed.
New Delhi, India.

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