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45-65+ community (New York)

Hi IN friends!

Are you between the age range Protected content ? Would you be interested in a community formed only by IN expats within this age range? Are you longing a community of likeminded SENIOR people? The possibilities of events, projects and activities for senior people may be endless depending of the “buddies” strong commitment to the group. I can’t do it myself alone. We need a plan and people willing to dedicate a little time to construct the foundation of this community. InterNations are introducing this new website feature.

The aspirations, the habits, the matching intellectual conversation and/or experiences, the challenges of aging gracefully etc, all are completely different from younger people reality. You know best… Everything in the world is FOR and ABOUT young people. Most events and activities are placed to attract a huge crowd of young people, which is absolutely marvelous, of course, but it seems that this situation does not fulfill anymore some older people’s aspirations to reach more mature and long lasting friendships. It’s time for a change for us. Ladies and gentlemen age Protected content still very active, both physically and mentally. No doubt about it!

If you like the idea, just speak up here. My first contribution would be to create a simple initial database (I’m not an expert!) of people interested in this community. Then we go from there.

Just reminding... “people are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges”. Now, we are in a (good) mission… let’s see if it will work out.

Thank you! Obrigado(a)! Gracias! Toda! Merci! Danke! Grazie! Arigato! Shukran! Spasibo! Xie_Xie! etc...etc...


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