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Javier Vazquez

Living in New York, from Mexico

"Even in a crowded city like the Big Apple you can easily get lost. With InterNations I've made some really good friends and also added to my business contacts."

Noemi Roussel

Living in New York, from France

"The top events organized in the New York chapter helped me get to know expat women from France and many other countries all over the world."

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Hello and Welcome to Our Expat Community in New York!

A warm welcome to our InterNations New York Community! InterNations can help you get answers to the many questions you might have about moving to New York. Concerns addressed on InterNations — which you probably share — include, "what is the American healthcare system like?", "what type of residence or work permit do I need?", and "which of New York's neighborhoods is recommended for expat living?". You'll see that friendly and knowledgeable expats have answered these questions and dozens of others, and are always pleased to help provide information and support. At InterNations we aim to support you not only by putting you in contact with other expats, but also in giving you the lowdown on the way of life in New York. This is a city where, for more than a century, expatriates have arrived from all over the world in pursuit of the American Dream, and created, over the years, a true melting pot of cultures for which New York is famous. As a result expats can — with a little help from the InterNations Community — integrate easily.

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More Information on Expat Life in New York

New York is a fast-paced, energetic city, world famous for its tourist attractions. Expats will enjoy many more things about the city — because whether you are living in artsy Williamsburg or glossy Midtown, each area offers up its own unique atmosphere and hidden gems.
The never-sleeping, concrete jungle is the most densely populated city in North America with eight million inhabitants. It has always been a city of immigrants, and about one-third of the population was born outside the country. So expats should feel comfortable when they can hear more than 130 different languages and know that they are not alone. Searching for a place to live — you have variety of neighborhoods to choose from, such as Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens or Staten Island, from super cheap to ones with extremely expensive rents. However, sometimes the whole process of finding an apartment can be a little bit frustrating for expats.

If you want to use the public transportation, expats should know that the subway is a good travel option. It is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and the price of a ticket is 2.50 USD no matter how long your journey takes or where you are traveling to. You can also take a taxi from almost every street corner. Taxis are cheap but slower than the subway due to the huge traffic jams. The most attractive method of transportation is actually the numerous ferry lines, with which expats can reach the center, as well as Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and New Jersey.

With the economy getting back on track, expats also come for the job opportunities. New York is a global business leader in finance, and other industries include real estate, media, and tourism. Around four million workers in New York are expats split between the service industries and large overseas companies, in the fields of banking, finance, and computers. People from all over America and different countries around the world are coming to the city to find their dream job, so expats should be prepared that the competition can be tough.

If expats really want to feel at home in New York, they should definitely go to one of the basketball, baseball, or ice hockey games, and enjoy holding a hot dog and huge soda in their hands and screaming the name of the team. This kind of experience is unforgettable and it can help you to adapt faster to your new life.

Grow Your Network of Fellow Expats in New York

InterNations is a unique community of members, each carefully approved so that you can interact in a safe and secure environment. You can pose questions on any topic relevant to living in New York. It can relate to finding out fun facts about New York, or to official business, such as obtaining a visa or work permit. Depending on what your hobbies and interests are, you might also want to join one of the many real life events organized regularly in your community, attended by a truly global group of expats. Browse InterNations for groups and events in New York; there is everything from kickball in Central Park to theater nights out, as well as groups for businesswomen and professional networking. Our experienced experts, themselves expats in New York, can provide helpful answers to these and many more questions, both online and in person.

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