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"A Lost American in Germany" June 29 in NYC (New York)

Hi Everyone:

I'm an ex-New Yorker who has been living and working in Germany for some years. I'm bringing my one-woman show "A Lost American in Germany" to NYC on June 29 to Don't Tell Mama. More info is below! I'll be performing there in the Brick Cabaret Room. Hope to see you! I've set up an InterNations event too.

Friday, June 29, Protected content .
Don’t Tell Mama
343 W. 46th Street
$10 cover charge / 2 drink minimum / cash only
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Once upon a time there was a little girl from a big strange country…

Learn everything about Kathleen Renish, a crazy American, who left her whacky and orthodox Catholic family in Pennsylvania, only to crash land with a musical company in Germany right when the Berlin Wall came down!

Why Kathleen decided never to leave Germany again – despite her own culture shocks – like the German TV police, housecleaning craze and third world washing machines. Or rather: Find out everything about the power of love – and how the “Ge-mericans“* see it.

Enjoy a funny, warm-hearted, lively evening in German and American English full of cultural misunderstandings, genuine mishaps, linguistic mistakes – and, after all, with the wonderful singing Ms. Renish
Ge-mericans – Americans living in Germany


Press Review –

From one strange country to the next…“I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien, I’m an Englishman in New York“: The cabaret artist Kathleen Renish sings a similar song – but from a slightly different point of view…There is much to be said about “the Americans” – and have you ever wondered what they might think about Germany? In her show “A Lost American in Germany”, charming Kathleen tells her life story, including all mishaps that occurred to her in this “strange land”. She left behind her slightly quirky and very catholic family in Pennsylvania and came to Germany as a member of a musical ensemble in Protected content . Kathleen still lives in Cologne, despite having her very own views about the German “TV police” and the ubiquitous German cleaning frenzy.Her show is full of fun and song, and Ms. Renish explains how she became “Ge-merican” and why she totally agrees when someone says: “Deutsche Sprache – schwere Sprache“ (German language – difficult language).Kathleen Renish’s life story is – authentic, moving, inspiring and very funny.

Audience response:

“...your show was just amazing tonight! I am definitely coming to see your show in Cologne…:) Thank you very much!!!”...

“…Your show was very exhilarating and we have had fun.”...

“...Thank you for this wonderful evening. You are so fantastic, wonderful and marvelous. Thank you for inviting me…”

“...You did rock Kathleen! Just magic your performance. Thank you for the touchy moments…”

“...That was a fantastic show! Ich habe gelacht, ich war berührt, ich hab geweint! Einfach alles dabei! Toll! Danke!..

“...We had a good time last night and enjoyed your performance. One notices your stage professionalism and you look good and move well…What the public really liked were the instances of misunderstandings between the German and English languages as they could relate themselves to that as well, especially in the second half after the break… the show keeps moving very well and you do hold our attention…We wish you continued success in the next two shows at the Arkadas Theater…”

“...I was really impressed by your personality and touched by your performance and story! Although I’m European, I could relate to you very well, since I left my home, when I was 18, and moved to Germany leaving my family in Slovakia. You have an amazing voice and are a fabulous actor and storyteller. I will see you in your next shows, and will definitely come again…”

“...I was there yesterday night and I loved it! So emotional, so funny, so confident, so close to us, your public, congratulations!! You are so right in your descriptions of this country and its people. I am an “immigrant” too (born und studied in France, travelled and worked around the world and came to Germany in Protected content I could recognize myself in all your experiences. As you were telling about it, it was just like remembering all these things for me. I think we have a lot in common. Like you I am “imported” here, like you I often feel like an alien, like you I played theater …and it was a great feeling! It’s incredible, when you produce yourself on a stage, you send so many vibes to your public… In that moment, the only thing that counts is the human dimension. It’s just you and them! And the more you give, the more you get back and the more confident and generous you get, a wonderful ascention!.

I will recommend your show to my friends, you can count on it! I already made a complete report to my boyfriend about it this morning at breakfast and he could not believe it! I wish you so much luck with your show around Germany and keep my fingers crossed that you keep on performing in front of sold out places – like yesterday. Take care, Kathleen and thank you so much for this wonderful evening.”

“... Thanks a lot for a wonderful evening with lots of laugh Kathleen in Arkadas Theater of Cologne on 28th January Protected content . It’s amazing how much power of warm energy you have inside you, giving so much to the audience telling about your exiting experiences in life with a great sense of humour. My warmest recommendation for your shows…”

“...I guess that was the sweetest show we have ever seen. In a funny way she made the audience a part of her life by telling all these wonderful stories. That show convinced us that it’s not important to have a big stage, big lights and all that stuff. All that counts was Kathy and her unique charisma.One more example for: The best stories are told by life! We had a great evening.
Thanks for that wonderful performance…”

“ it was so full of truth…”
“... funny as hell…”
“... I could relate exactly to what you were saying…”
“...very moving…”
“...wonderfully sung…”
“...beautiful voice…”
“...what a great green fairy!”
“...very inspiring…”

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