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I am expat from South Africa.Moving is traumatic! (New York)

To all the EXPATS from any country who ever had to move countries, I would like to say I share your pain!

I was 40 years old when my husband decided to move from South Africa to the UK. We sold up absolutely everything we owned (so as to force us to not be tempted to return !) .

What a terrible day it was for me, standing at the airport with my 2 teenage children. Each of us had exactly 2 suitcases each, weighing 20kg or less to adhere to the airline's baggage policy. Imagine that, your married life of 20 years reduced to 2 suitcases each.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day in South Africa when I left and I arrived to a cold, raining UK day. We lived in a small old victorian semi, a quarter of the size of our old house. Although I am english-speaking, I quickly realised that the only commonality between english speaking UK people and english speaking south african people was the language

I missed everything about my old country, including the foods and comfort products I was used be continued in my next thread....

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