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Looking for Agents & Clients for new unique Project (New York)

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if any of you could help me regards a project I am promoting on behalf of my client & good friend Karl Dixon. Karl is a renowned cartoonist & illustrator who illustrates for the Dandy comic. We are loking for clients in USA, although we are based in the UK.

The project (Memory Lane) is a series of one off luxury autobiographies aimed solely at the rich, & famous, due to the high price of the item we are promoting.

*The Process*

Karl will interview the client & his family to ascertain the most cherished moments in their lives. These will then be used to produce a 40pp A3 biography that is illustrated on every other page with original watercolours on high quality watercolour paper. The story itself will
be hand drawn by a professional watercolour. Finally, the high quality book will be case bound in leather, with additional finsihes avaialble such as Gold leaf, inlaid with diamonds, Wood, or Metal.

This is a extremely unique work of art, & we cannot think of a more exquisite & personal gift to give a loved one. As well as looking for publicity & clients, we are also offering a commision of £ Protected content any intros that lead to sales.

I have just uploaded a flash movie to my web site which details the thought ptocess behind the project. Please feel free to take a look at Protected content

If you have any ideas as to how we could promote this in the USA, please feel free to email me at Protected content . We are also producing economic versions. These will be for:

1. Large Corporate Companies
2. Less wealthy Individuals
3. Rich Peoples Pets (also a great way to commerorate a family pet that has just died).

I am also available on Skype.

My ID is mspencer61

Many thanks,

Mike Spencer

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