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Looking for models (New York)


Greetings . Humans made hats, now let hats bring humans together!!
We are looking for models to wear hats. Please bring your own hats, if you don't have any use ours! Photography will be for an art exhibition. You are a masterpiece! Now let's do a photo shoot. Some photos will given to you, the perfect addition to your social media or resume. Photo shots are just a few minutes and take place locally. Please give me a call if you are interested. You will wear different hats, and your photo will be a piece of art. If you have any questions, please give me a call, check out my art page or send me an email. The point of this project is to united humans with peace and love through hats. No matter what your ethnicity no matter where you are from, you can wear a hat from anywhere in the world, learn about a new culture, express your own. We are sharing one planet, we love America, let’s celebrate the ultimate melting pot with hats. The truth doesn't have a nationality, but it can wear a hat. Hats can reveal the truth about humanity and freedom. Let's show the history of hats and the history of humanity. Let's share our stories and folklore about hats. I created this with hope of better connecting humanity. My hope is to receive your support and backup for this art project. Democracy can be shown through hats. Sometimes you take off your hats to show respect, another time's the same gesture will have another meaning. We must dream of hats, and share our dreams together. I'm an American artist who is related to Benjamin Franklin. We were created to be creative. This multimedia art exhibition, a mix of visual and performance. The first part if photography, and 20 % of any photo sold will be given to the model. We need different people to talk about hats, and work on a documentary about hats. Let's do it! Remember The Iconic hat like Abe Lincoln. Think of hats all around the world and lets share our ideas. If you have hats from other countries, or any thoughts on hats please let us know.

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