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Newbie Questions re Work Opportunity in NYC (New York)


Hi all, this is my first post so forgive the fact that I'm no doubt covering well trodden ground, but here goes:

I possibly have an opportunity to work in my companies Jersey City office in NYC. The secondment would be for upto 3 years and I'm currently trying to understand what's required to facilitate such a move.

So my questions are:

1. What are the various costs to consider with relocating from UK to USA?

2. The opportunity is sponsored by my American bank, however my wife has no such sponsor and would be seeking employment once arrived.I understand my visa with be an L1, can someone advise what visa my wife would have to apply for and that this visa will allow her to work?

3. HSBC offer a service of switching a STG account to a USD account - has anyone used their service (this incurs a £100 charge) and what was your experience of this?

4. AMEX will also allow you to transfer a STG card to a USD credit card, again anyone any experience of doing this?

5. Removal Companies: what is considered a typical length of time to have our furniture shipped from England - any recommended companies including insurance carriers?

6. Health Insurance: what are considered to be the best provider(s) in this area?

7. We would be relocating to Jersey City, New Jersey (ideally Harborside Financial Center Plaza) - has anyone any experience of living here and recommend apartments to rent (or avoid!)

8. Are there any guides/books that anyone recommends which cover the subject of expat living in the US?

Many thanks advance.


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