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Removing Emotional Barriers & Connecting Spiritually; Empowerment Workshop - Thurs, Sept 25 (New York)

This Thursday, Sept 25 from 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm a community of likeminds hosts its monthly workshop and networking meeting with Joe Nunziata as its guest speaker! It is a treat to have Joe present and for the community to embrace his spiritual outlook for how to succeed in life without needing to indulge in the "me me" mentality. Details are at Protected content . This is a community based event made up of those like you in the NYC metro area and inspired by the many who call NYC their home whether they are from China, South America, Europe, or any other location worldwide.

As a community ex pats have a place. and even more so if you are of positive and open mind to think and grow beyond the boundaries of yesterday then you'll find a home away from home with the growing population of empowered individuals worldwide. We number in the hundreds in NYC and thousands throughout North America. The community is growing every moment in every day as more learn about Protected content .

We can go to the bar to socialize and get a quick fix to forget who we are, or we can connect, inspire and motivate our senses by being part of a community that embraces a sense of community while allowing differentiation, while employing human technologies that bind and connect in a true sense the spirit, soul and individuals into a larger microcosm of vibrant high energy and community. If you're interested the site is at Protected content . And if you can make it we'll see you at our Thursday, Sept 25 networking gathering and workshop. Location is near Port Authority Times Square as well as Penn Station. Protected content Street, Suite Protected content .


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