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Russian and Chinese language lessons (New York)


I live in New York and I want to improve my Russian and Chinese language skills.

My experience in Russian is pretty extensive. I know the alphabet, can read and can speak a little. I am looking for someone who can be my personal tutor and help with broadening my vocabulary and reading ability, to the point where I can read the Russian news, for example.

My Chinese experience is less extensive, but I know enough to get by. I can write some of the characters -- probably just under Protected content -- but I need to greatly improve so that eventually I can read the news and speak business Chinese.

If you can help me with either one of these requests, I can pay you for your time and also provide compensation in the form of sharing my knowledge or enhancing your written English. I am an editor and researcher with seven years background in journalism abroad and in the United States.

Please contact me. Thank you.


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