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Swedes in NY - Book launch for Swedish author 1/15 (New York)

Vladica Djordjevic is a Swedish author making her US/NY book debut for “YOU are the POWER: Choose to Create the Life Your Desire”. Part inspirational memoir, part coaching and meditations based on the principles of Access Consciousness, Vladica details her journey from depair to light.

On Midsummer ‘s Eve Protected content Sweden, Vladica’s son was brutally murdered. After this devastating experience, she had a choice and she chose life. Join us for a lively, warm-spirited evening of sharing stories and experiences with like-minded individuals committed to making each day count and living life to the fullest as we welcome Vladica to the US and embrace the choices she has made and learn how to apply them to our own lives.

In her book YOU ARE THE POWER, CHOOSE TO CREATE THE LIFE YOU DESIRE ( Vladica Djordjevic for the first time shares details of her own healing and recovery from unimaginable loss. Her journey from despair to light will resonate with anyone looking to find their way out of their own darkness. In the book, with her daily work as a certified facilitator of Access Consciousness®, and just by being, Vladica demonstrates how the choices we make influence the amount of joy there is in our lives. When she enters a room, there is light, and people often wonder, how does she do it? With practical tools, meditations and coaching she will show you how to reconnect based on your own circumstances. The book uses joy, humor, remembrance, and reflection to help you find the places within your own self where you have locked away your potential and removed yourself from you.

Welcome to be inspired and experience the magic that is Vladica Djordjevic!

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Wednesday, January 15, Protected content
Balance Arts Center
151 W. 30th, St.
New York, NY
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