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When did you first feel at home in NYC? (New York)

I was talking to a friend yesterday and it so happened we ventured onto the topic of our first experiences in NYC. We immediately said that we felt at home immediately upon arrival; that the city just made sense and we were comfortable from the get go.

I arrived in PA and my aunt drove me to Trenton, NJ where I took the train in the city. From the second I stepped off the train at Penn Station and hopped on the taxi with my suitcase for the first time, I knew I'm going to like this place. I didn't really have an 'adaptation' period here or trying to find my way, I just dove straight in and never looked back.

I was wondering if that experience is shared by others here?
Did you find it hard to adjust? If so, why?
If not, what was that moment when you smiled to yourself and said -- I'm home!

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