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*Yu Gi Oh Cards in NY!?* (New York)


I know, it is a very unusual question, but I try ...

My brother and I travel in February to NY. He collect the Yu Gi Oh Cards, a Card Game wich is popular all over the world. In America you can buy cards which you can not find in Europe. Thats why he is very exited and want to buy in NY.

I was looking at the www, but I havent found good adresses, where you can find this cards. Toys R us/ Times Square had Boxes and such stuff of Yu Gi Oh, but my brother told me, that he is looking for Trading Cards, the single Cards of that Game.

Is there anybody who know, where we can find a store with trading cards of Yu Gi Oh!?!?!?!?!?

Thx a lot for reading =)


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