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Is moving to Nice a good idea?

I am living with my French wife (I am German) and daughter in Les Sables d'Olonne but we are thinking of moving to Nice. Mostly for the weather, the scenery, the culture and the fact that Italy (where we have friends) is close. We are both self-employed, so work is not a problem. But we are not sure if we are doing the right thing because we heard quite a few negative reports about Nice: high cost of living (ok, we kind of expected that), unfriendly and arrogant people, way too many tourists, dirty streets, too much traffic. So I would like to gather a few opinions and hints from people who know the city quite well or who have moved there in the past years. What is your opinion about Nice? Do you have any recommendations? Is it better to choose Menton or Antibes or to abandon the idea of going south altogether? I am grateful for your help.

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