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Living in Nijmegen

Nijmegen is renowned as being the oldest city in the Netherlands, and with its warm, semi-continental climate it is surely one of the most pleasant to live in. The ancient city offers expats living in Nijmegen many places of scenic and historic interest, such as the Grote Markt market square, with its sixteenth-century weighing hall and the St. Stevenskerk courtyard. Life as an expatriate in Nijmegen brings with it such pleasures as walking along the splendid waterfront set against the backdrop of the city center. The city has excellent standards of education, with Radboud University producing Nobel laureates in recent years. This academic environment lends the city a youthful energy, and many international students have made the choice to study here. As in other Dutch cities, the bicycle is a key mode of transport for citizens, so expats living in Nijmegen who enjoy cycling will be in luck!

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Moving to Nijmegen

Any expat moving to Nijmegen will have plenty of opportunities for networking. Situated in the east near the country's border with Germany, the city has an urban population of just under 300,000, though suburban expansion in the north of the city is driving a steady increase. It's a relatively easy city for expatriates to settle in, with friendly locals and an abundance of affordable, comfortable housing options in safe neighborhoods. Unless you're an EU citizen, look into the rules concerning how to obtain your visa. Prepare to encounter some uniquely Dutch customs, such as introducing oneself by surname in social settings. You can attend or organize meet-ups with fellow expats in Nijmegen or surrounding area through the InterNations platform, and get key advice on living in Nijmegen from fellow members via our discussion groups and forums. Nijmegen is ideal for those wishing to commute to other regions, or who hope to have a base in Europe from which to travel; four main train stations help make Nijmegen's transport infrastructure very effective.

Working in Nijmegen

As with the Netherlands as a whole, the economy in Nijmegen is healthy, with low rates of unemployment and high levels of job satisfaction. It's an affluent region, and the average expatriate can expect to have high levels of disposable income. While the local manufacturing base is relatively minor, there are key players in the engineering, pharmaceutical and IT industries. The cultural sector also makes a strong showing in the form of a vibrant museum and gallery scene. The aforementioned tertiary education sector is another significant employer in Nijmegen. For many jobs, only English will be required as the native Dutch almost universally speak the language to a high standard. However, it's always a good idea to develop your language skills as much as possible while living and working in Nijmegen.

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May 18, 2024, 11:46 PM
6 attendees
Let`s Party at Munich`s biggest Ü30 Party organised by the Radio Station “Radio Gong 96.3”. Rock, House, Hip-Hop & the best Partysounds on 3 Areas All ages are welcome Yo
May 19, 2024, 11:00 AM
4 attendees
This event is for everyone who want to improve your Russian (B2 or higher) language skills. До встречи в воскресенье!
May 19, 2024, 4:00 PM
5 attendees
Updates: 5 tickets left ✌️ For a Sunday unlike any other... Carpe Diem Trio: Three musicians who have known each other and played together for more than 15 years. Top Amsterdam-based musicians, feat

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