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  • Benoit Julien

    Are you an expat interested in global networking, from Nouakchott to New York? Simply become a member of InterNations, just as I did.

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Salut & as-salām 'alaykum and welcome to our community for Nouakchott expats! Our thriving InterNations expat community gives you the chance to connect with fellow expats in Nouakchott, the capital city of Mauritania. They will assist you during your relocation every step of the way by providing useful advice and tips based on their own personal experience in this relatively new city, which was made the Mauritanian capital in the 1950s and enjoyed rapid urban growth after this development.

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    • Moving to NKC for work in a few months
      2 replies
      Feb 17, 6:37 PM

      you are welcme in Mauritania living in NKC is easy the weather is warm at moment we live between 16 and 32 degree, things that are difficult to find like wine and meat of pig because it is a islamic …

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    Facts about the Local Economy and Expat Life in Nouakchott

    Because of its close proximity to the equator, Nouakchott enjoys a hot climate all year round and mild winter night temperatures. It has a thriving economy, including service sector enterprises and the production of cement, salt, insecticides, embroidery and craft products as well as rugs and carpets. There is also a huge sugar refinery in the city. Nouakchott is also home to Nouakchott International Airport and a deep-sea port, opened in 1986. The city offers excellent educational facilities, boasting the University of Nouakchott and many primary and secondary schools, including the renowned TLC International School. A major building program, undertaken by the World Bank, took place from 2009 to 2013 to replace older housing with modern social dwellings; just one example of foreign investment in the city.

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    By joining our friendly InterNations expat community, you can link up with fellow expats in Nouakchott, enabling you to enjoy your new life with improved local knowledge and a network of like-minded new friends. Mindful of our principles of friendliness, polite behavior and trust, our members will assist with all aspects of life in Nouakchott, providing information at your fingertips. You can also arrange to meet fellow expats face-to-face, in a safe, secure environment, by joining social groups based on your hobbies and interests and enjoying events organized InterNations members.

    • Benoit Julien

      Are you an expat interested in global networking, from Nouakchott to New York? Simply become a member of InterNations, just as I did.

    • Sharon McGinnis

      The local expat community here in Mauritania gave me helpful hints on housing, transport and much more…

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