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Refugee Volunteer/Mentors (Nuremberg)

Hello everyone! I'm new to this network, and I thought I'd reach out to anyone who has been wanting to volunteer or be a little involved with some of the refugees that we have yet inflowing. I myself have been gathering some information about what I can do, and was told that there will be a Big Brother Big Sister general informational "meeting" where people with interests can go together and see what they need to be able to help even just one hour a week. Something that has interested me is being a "Patenschaft" / mentor for someone who is not of the adult age yet, and possibly alone in this foreign country. (With this Patenschaft , you simply meet the person a couple/few times a week, can go for a small bite, coffee, do sports, meet other friends, etc.) I will be notified of this meeting date sometime next week by my contact person, and I can share this information with anyone else who's interested- If you would simply just reply to this message.
There are many opps, not just trough the BBBS program. I, as well, will be meeting with the Freiwilligenzentrum Fürth/Zirndorf. This isn't a long process , but if someone would like to "put their heads together" with me, I think we could make a good team in tackling what we need to do, in order to help out. Again, you can choose the hours in which you have time. I myself would be available for these things in the late afternoon/ evening on most days. And of course some afternoons on specific days.

Notify me if interested :)
Thanks !

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