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Temporary Residence Permit (Nuremberg)

My wife and I will be moving permanently to Hof, Germany during the summer of Protected content . While we know this is very early considering this permanent move to Hof, we wish to begin making contact with Americans already living in Germany in order to develop acquaintances. We believe our transition to Germany would thus be an easier road. Especially I want to be able to communicate by email about the dreaded temporary residence permit process with an American who has already done this.
I have researched many web sites and read many things about how to receive the temporary resident permit, but still feel that this will be a daunting task. In April of Protected content wife and I were in Hof, Germany and visited the local agency where we registered our temporary address while visiting our daughter and I came away from that experience dismayed at the prospect of having to do this when we finally move there in Protected content . Last week I sent a letter to the German Consulate in Chicago requesting to acquire the temporary permit through appointments to this Consulate. I have yet to hear back from them, but hope that we can begin this process here before we move. I think this would be of great benefit because then we would not be strapped by the extreme need to be sure it is accomplished before our free 90 visa expires at which time we would have to leave Germany and not be able to return until another 90 days had passed. We are moving permanently, this means we have nothing to return to in the US, having sold all.
Any comments &/or advice would be greatly appreciated and thank you so much for any help you are able to offer. :unsure

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