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We are all humans and as humans we are all equal. (Nuremberg)

We are all humans and as humans we are all equal. Let us make a change how we use the community with a good quality.

InterNations should be a place for humans interested to know other humans and their culture as the culture is the future.

Races, handicaps, genders, skin colors, ages, religions, the way of nutrition, political ideas, studies and work experiences are only connection points in a global community of people living abroad, interested to share their own lifepath and to learn from each other. In our opinion this should be one of the places where to land and face new challenges in our lifepath, culture, with empathy and a big smile :)))

If you are working / living in a global organization probably you know the world diversity: the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization (Merriam Webster dictionary).

We prefer to make a clear communication of the spirit & soul of the InterNations Community as we observe that this is sometimes not fully understood.

We are here to experience diversity in our life. We are not here for dating / community dating nights, we are not here to propose services, to sell courses, to find a relocation agent, to rent a short term flat, to have tax advices, to hire a careers consultant, to sign an insurance, to lease a car or to buy a mountainbike with a set of pots as gift.

We do not mean to forbit the members their feelings if they fall in love in someone during an event. Again we are humans and things happen in our life. We are just saying that InterNations is not Parship or Elitepartner. Let us make a difference.

We are humans interested to be connected with humans -in a good quality-

In our world which is getting crazy we need new, good values which maybe have been forgotten and which can give us a direction.

Let's talk together about the shape of our identies, here or during the next event.

-Written by Luigi Ferri and Dilek Duygu-

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