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Relocating to Kyoto (Osaka)

Hello there,

My name is Ayana and currently live in Australia.
I am Japanese national and lived many years outside Japan. recently decided to go back to Japan and I have been doing job hunt from Australia.

Recently I was offered a position in Kyoto. Other companies I am still in the selection process are all in Tokyo.
This is a big company and the condition seems to be very fair and competitive. The job sounds interesting. However it makes me think that the company is very traditional and the location is Kyoto.

For sightseeing Kyoto sounds great but as I have not never lived in Kyoto but Tokyo and I like to hear about your personal opinion/experience, living in Kansai-area as non-Japanese.

I am Japanese but feel like a non-Japanese relocating to another country. So I like to make sure I am ok and happy there:)

Thanks a lot.

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