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Monthly bills! (Oslo)

So, I finally visited Oslo last week and it has solidified my desire to move to Norway. I have started to look at a number of different things, but foremost in my mind is getting a realistic idea of cost of living. Renting a place is an obvious cost, but what would be really useful for me would be to get an honest reflection of other standard outgoings that I can factor into my plans. It’s easy to take my current bills here and factor up for the currency exchange, but I don’t know if that is anywhere near a fair reflection of the actual cost in Norway.

Are there any rates that are payable to the local authorities, an equivalent to the Council Tax in the UK for local services such as rubbish collection, police/fire services?

For a single person, what would be an average water bill? Similarly for electricity?

And let’s not forget the most important monthly cost – Broadband! What would you expect to pay on average per month for Broadband? Or contracted mobile phones?

Any ideas or guidelines I can get would be really helpful!


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