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An invitation to share your experience as an Expat (Ottawa)

Hi all!

I am Guillermo and I live in Ottawa. Apart from being a full time employee I am also a blogger that loves sharing stories and life as an immigrant in Canada.

Today I'd like to extend an invitation to all of you feeling like sharing their stories. While having a relaxed, easy chat through Skype we can record your experiences living in Canada, your motivations and your expectations in this great country.

You may wonder why. Well, it's nice to share. And it's even nicer if that share allows someone to learn something new. Think of all those times you had a quesiton about Canada and you did not have who to ask!

If you wonder "what's in it for mne". Just the satisfaction of a nice chat and 15 seconds (yes, seconds! Not minutes) of fame.

My blogs are "Los Ziegler en Canada" ( Protected content - In Spanish) and "The Zieglers Blog" ( Protected content - In English or something like that ;) )

So, drop by, take a look and contact me here at Internations.



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