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Seeking expat non working trailing spouses (Oxford)

That sounds so odd!

it might be better to explain my situation then see if you are seeking the same.

I am Australian, we left Sydney six years ago for a 2 year contract my husband accepted with his employer in Dublin. We loved it so much, we went to Yokohama for 3 years, and arrived in the UK (Winchester) just over a year ago.

We are only here for a max of 5 years before Border Control kick him out, or we opt to move on - so, with our 8 year old daughter, we are global nomads, ATCK's.

My situation is that there are very few, if any, expats like me in Winchester and as a non working woman (visa says i can only work a few hours a week and with no support network, it's a no go), I find i have many many hours on my own.

i am a very social person and was an active member of the International Women's Club in Dublin - thoroughly enjoyed the culture, history and friendships the IWCD offered; our daughter was at Yokohama International School where I was the VP Event for the parents group, I was also a founding member of an International Women's group called Global Girls which sadly didn't see far beyond it's first 15 months.

The Int. Womens Groups are mainly based in London which from Winchester is prohibitive for a number of reasons.

I get the sense that a lot of the events InterNations host are in the evenings as most members are working. This doesn't interest me as my daughter and husband are home and we have family evenings, centred around year 3 homework.

SO - my request is:

Anyone in Oxford living a similar lifestyle and wanting to meet, befriend a true expat?

Maybe we could start a daytime Womens Activity Group?
Maybe there are a number of us in the greater Oxford/Hampshire area?

This is a genuine request so please respect that when responding,
Kind regards

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