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Abuse (Paris)

Hello - just a little heads-up here. I was contacted on my personal e-mail by a "member" of Internations : General Frank Donald - who most likely does not exist. In his very first e-mail he claimed in bad English that he fell in love with my picture and in spite of the fact that I clearly told him I was married, continued to bomb me with e-mails proclaiming his everlasting love, in really bad English. I was suspicious right from the start and played along to see where this was going. Sure enough, the so-called General finally came out last night with what he really wanted : I was to receive a box with 1.6 Million US Dollars cash - if I would kindly give him my address. The money was supposed to come from Ghana. He would then send someone to collect it. This is serious and I am considering contacting the police. I just wanted to warn you all to be careful - especially young lady members. Feel free to contact me for more information and spread the word.
All the best,

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