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Be carefull with security controls at CDG airport (Paris)

I would like to share this unpleasant experience with you, to alert you to be carefull with your belongings if you have to depart from Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.
The 27 of september, before taking the fly to Vienna, me and my mother experimented a quite ugly experience, when passing through the metal and security control at CDG aiport.
After passing by the metal detector, the guy from security, started checking my mother's bag quite minutely and after he checked mine in the same way, arguing that in this period there is the red alert, so they are obligated to check in that way, we took it as normal and we continued our way.
When we went to one of the cafeterias to have a coffee, my mother realized that her money wasn't any more in her wallet and she was sure that the money was there before, so we realized that her money was stolen by the guy from the airport security who checked her bag. Horrible!
We came back to speak with a responsable from security and after asking us some questions, he called a person by phone to ask him to check the security cameras and for our big suprise, that person told him that we weren't registered by the security cameras!!! If it is truth, that means that the airport have really serious security problems and that also means that maybe a terrorist or a criminal can get in without being registered! All this sounds like un ugly joke.
I know that this kind of things can happen everywhere but I am glad to have the chance to share this with you and to alert you!
I must also say that the Air France crew where really helpful with us, much more helpful than the security responsable at the airport, who did practically nothing to resolve the problem!
I don't know if we are going to get a solution but at list, we are going to help to stop this kind of abuse!

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