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Brit Expat Seeks Employment Opportunity in Paris

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well!

I am moving to Paris from Amsterdam in the summer and am seeking full-time employment opportunities prior to my move. Ideally, I am looking to work either in Education or the Arts.

I am currently lecturing in academic English and writing skills at a university here in Amsterdam. I have also been developing a syllabus in Art History for a university in Paris, where I will be lecturing 2 hours a week for a semester. I have extensive experience teaching English in both higher education and to secondary school students. I also have a background in journalism and experience in Arts administration.

I hold both an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in the Arts and am Trinity Cert. qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language.
I am a native English speaker, am fluent in Portuguese and conversation level in French and Spanish.

I would very much appreciate hearing back from anyone who is aware of open positions. I am well educated, experienced and eager to take on an exciting opportunity in Paris! If interested, please send me a message, or take a look at my InterNations profile if you would like to know more...

Many thanks!


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