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Brit moving to Paris soon

Hi all,

I have just recently joined this community and i am hoping for a little advice on the struggles i may encounter when moving over to Paris (I will be making the move at the start of September). I am making the move so i can be closer to my girlfriend, who is a French Native i met whilst studying.

My french is very basic, but i am practising each day with my reading/vocabulary being quite strong. I am a 23 y/o recent UK Graduate of Computer Sciences where I achieved a 2:1 (Second highest grade available). I have around 2 years of bar work to my name and also have worked factory and manual labour based roles in the past. For the past year I have been employed at a small Digital Design company as a Junior Front End Web Developer.

I have been trying to put in a little bit of research into these questions, but i was hoping anybody who currently has made the move over there could be give me a little more insight into the following;

How difficult will it be for me to find full time bar work?

Is there any particular areas of Paris I should focus on when trying to find bar work? (preferably in international bars)

Will I need a French bank account upon arrival?

How much money would be advisable to have saved upon arriving to ensure a smoother start to life?

I will be visiting Paris between the 10th and 20th July, and I have been a couple of times before so i am quite familiar with a lot of the city. I am hoping to tour around the city enquiring about future positions in the bars.

If anyone has any questions me at all please feel free to ask and I thank you for any help in advance!

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