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British student looking for a job in Paris.

Hi all :)

I've just returned to England, having spent about a month as an English language assistant at a collège in Caen. However, I don't start university until October. I'm therefore planning on moving to Paris on the 29th of February, ready to start work by the 1st of March. I would stay in Paris for six months.

Getting a job before going to Paris is absolutely vital, though. No job, no Paris.

I was wondering if any of you had advice regarding job-hunting (while abroad) in Paris? Ideally i would be a waiter/bartender, or something of the sort. I've been searching for quite some time now, filling out online application forms, emailing restaurants etc. and nothing so far. Could you recommend any other means of searching for a job? Do you know anyone who's looking to hire a new, friendly team member? :)

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks a lot,


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