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Comms/exec assistant/international relations job (Paris)

Hello Internations friends/expats/fellow Adult TCKs,

My name is Diana and I am a very faithful Internations group member :), hoping to meet you and have a chat face-to-face one day (have been going to meetings in Sydney, London, Strasbourg and hopefully soon - Paris).

Currently employed by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg as a web and communications officer, I am would like to move to Paris by the end of this year or beginning of next year.

Q1: Do you have any tips for me? (bilingual recruitment agencies?)
Q2: Know anyone interested in my kind of profile?

Have been working mostly for international organisations and NGOs, however I am open to new, exciting opportunities! As long as I can use my language skills: Spanish, French, Romanian and some Portuguese and grow professionally and personally- I'm happy!

You will find me on LinkedIn: Maria-Diana Predosanu

Do not hesitate to write if you find yourself in Strasbourg one day and you need a guide!

I'm planning a trip to Paris in July, so maybe meet you than!

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