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Essential Oil Discount Pricing! (Paris)

Loyalty Rewards (LRP)..just one of the many, many reasons why I love dōTerra!

Think of dōTerra's Loyalty Reward Program as a kind of fruit of the month club...but with essential oils instead!.

Each month you customize your order to auto-ship to your home on a set date. (Internationally as well !) It is like Christmas every month !! Aside from essential oils you can order any product or accessory including dōTerra's spa, beauty, & home cleaning lines.

What makes the LRP program so amazing - is:

* all products are immediately 25% off
* each month dōTerra offers a FREE product with orders over Protected content
* each month dōTerra also offers 10% off a selected product or oil regardless of your order total
* AND you earn FREE product points and shipping credits, meaning you can use points to purchase any of dōTerra's products in future orders!

Sound amazing? It is! To join, contact me at: Protected content or leave a comment below and I will contact you!
Happy shopping!!

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