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Executive & Life Coaching available for you (Paris)


My name is Jean and I offer Executive and Life Coaching for English-speaking people across Europe. I am based in Munich but traveling regularly to Paris. I provide coaching both in person as well as on phone/skype to meet your needs.

I work with both executives as well as individuals who find themselves in a variety of situations where they feel having a coach would help them move forward to achieve their objectives in a faster way than they could do by themselves.
Some examples include:

- seeking clarity in what you want in your personal and/or professional life
- making decisions aligned to fit what you want (not what they "should" do)
- building up confidence to do something that feels right to you
- taking control of your life, creating a life plan and steps to move you forward
- dealing with transition, loss or a challenging event
- career coaching
- understanding the beliefs/habits that anchor behaviors that don't serve you,
replacing them with more useful ones that move you forward

Additionally, I work frequently with spouses of expatriates through finding clarity on what really matters to them in their own life and how to make decisions to lead to a more fulfilling life. This has come from word of mouth referrals and also because I have lived in both roles of the executive overseas as well as a because of my own personal journey as a wife and mother in a challenging environment.

I'm only an email or phone call away, so if you are thinking about it, there is no harm in reaching out and checking it out.

My company link is here
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