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Exhibition at Galerie Marie-Laure de l'Ecotais, 49 rue de Seine, 6me (Paris)

Running until 18 November, Tues - Sat 11am to 5pm. Geoff Levitus. "De l'Italie au Vietnam "
Two years of travel from Australia to Vietnam, Cambodia, China, France, Italy, London, New York, and elsewhere, working in each place, sometimes for months, painting and collecting digital imagery, has given Levitus a rich resource of cultural signs with fascinating interconnecting histories.
This exhibition is of work produced mainly in Hanoi in Protected content well as some produced in Italy in Protected content .
Levitus spent a month in Vietnam in Protected content another five months there in Protected content , living and working in Hanoi. He spent 6 months in Italy in Protected content , working mostly in a village near Milan and a short time on the island of Procida, near Naples.
However, this work is not a travelogue. It is both a dialogue on painting , as he uses a number of approaches including collaged digital images, and an exploration of the interconnection, sometimes across cultures, of 'iconic' cultural images.

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