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Local - Community good deals / New guide (Paris)

Dear Parisians (and very soon all of you all over France)

A new website has seen the day on this year's first summer's day, June 21st :-)

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A Community, up-market, group buying website in France. Paris is the 1st city to launch and other regions will follow.
Golf practices, golf lessons with high level trainers, tennis, SPA treatments, personal coaching and shopping, photo and cooking ateliers, tailor made men & women clothing, restaurants, bars, cocktail school's, tasting sessions... are just a few of the personalized deals this web site has to offer and at very attractive prices negotiated especially for our members.

Off line event will also be organized regularly at Country Clubs, sport tournaments, up-market bars and restaurants, wine tastings and much much more.

There is the traditional "daily" offer which can last over a few days and which gives you a better financial deal if you have the time to wait - and the "instant offer", which gives access to the same service but delivered to your door instantly if you're only passing by and your time is precious. You will still benefit financially from the instant deal as if you were to go without the ZANYTUDE card in your hand ;-)

Go have a look : Protected content
And follow on FB : Protected content
And Twitter too : Protected content

Hope to see you on there soon.

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