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MasterMind group: auto-entrepreneurs in well-being (Paris)

Hi all,

I'd like to be part of a MasterMind group in Paris with other auto-entrepreneurs active in the well-being sector. I'm a business & life coach, now adding yoga into the mix, since I'd like to take care of my students holistically: body, mind and spirit, it's all connected after all anyways. :)

So I'm looking for either already existing MasterMind group, or thinking about creating a new one. Purpose is to find members with different backgrounds and line of passion, so that under this common umbrella of wellbeing, we would support each other in developing our businesses.

I can bring in coaching, all of my previous HR leadership experience (and of course I can always throw in to the mix a free yoga class to de-stress). I think a well balanced auto-entrepreneur group could use some one with accounting/tax background, marketing/comms/social media wizzard, graphic designer and/or web designer, and then on the well-being angle, I could think of professionals with medical background (osteo, physio, sports therapist), dietitian/nutritionist, sports coaches (in different areas, so that we don't compete but rather complement each others' services), ... you fill in the blank for yourself if you are in a wellbeing sector, have complementing skills and would like to be part of a group like this.

We could meet once every Protected content , depending on our need. The set up really depends on how fast everyone is ready to run.

Key for me at least is high integrity, positive attitude, high energy, creativity and being open to new ideas. At the group level, this would be really a support group where we share our resources: network, knowledge, experience, to help each other build up our dreams. :)

Any pointers to already existing MasterMind with similar mission, or do you have skills & ambition that would fit in this picture?

Get in touch. :)

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