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Moving to France (Paris)

Hello Internations Community,

I am a newbie to this site, and I've been reading so many great and helpful posts that I figured I give my question a shot. I really want to move to France this year. Hopefully somewhere in the Ile-de-France region, but if that is not possible I will happily live outside of the region. Of course, my main problem is not having a visa to come live and work there. Would it be possible to get a few tips on places that sponsor or alternative ways others have legally moved to the country. I've been to France 5 times, and at one point stayed for 30 days but unfortunately came up empty in my search.

Just a little background info: I worked in banking and the finance department of 3 companies over 10 years until switching careers where I am currently a 2nd grade teacher. Any help at all would be deeply appreciated. I'm updating my French Cv, I'm in the process of fully grasping the language , I have a small financial nest egg and I'm ready to move.

Best Regards and Bonne Année to all,
Meghan G.

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