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Moving to Paris Puteaux/Suresnes

Hey, i will be moving to Paris in July end and my office will be in rueil malmaison area. So after discussing with "google" and i end up selecting two locations to hunt for an apartment "Puteaux or Suresnes". Any way my company is helping me out for apartment hunting, however i have some doubts if anyone can help.

1. which one would be the perfect place: Puteaux vs Suresnes (seems like a difficult question)
- just after wild estimating, my budget would be Euro Protected content / month. Is that would be sufficient for 1 BHK ?

2. I heard like lot of rental agencies will be end up showing you 2 or 3 hourses only and asked you to choose from that which would be quite difficult sometimes.

3. I had a meeting with my rental agency (helping me out), they said sometimes its quite difficult to get good apartment when they see you have trial period date on CDI contract of yours. However i asked my HR and they said in whole france all CDI contract have some trial period date. So is it trial period thing can affect the Good apartment hunting ?

Thanks for reading such long questions of mine :)

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